Im newbie to views and wanted to consult about the following issue:

Say I have 2 users: A & B, and both are asking for the same report at the same time. The report is a table constructed with some arguments that in order to facilitate I had to use views.

Example: User A asks for the production between date_W and date_X. The query will generate a view with the date arguments and will return the result to user A.
At the same time user B is asking for the same report but this time with date_Y and date_Z.

The problem is that the view has been constructed already with date_W and date_X and user B might get the wrong result (based on dates he didn't ask for)

How can I avoid this and make sure that the result asked by the users is correct without conflicting with other users?

* Of course I can drop the table but my fear is that it might happen concurrently (meaning 2 users are asking for the same report with diff dates)