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    i need to store my queries in variables . someone told me that save the query and then call it from the recrodset variable. now i dont know what is recrodset variable.. any example of how would it work ... lets say that the result of one query is A and second query is B . now how can i store A and B in variables and then perform A + B


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    recordsets are a potentailly a wide ranging topic, first off I'd suggest you have a look in the help system for recordsets

    essentially a recordset is a snapshot of data extracted from the db using an SQL command. There are lots of variations in what that SQL command can do (update, select etc...)

    You can manipulate a recordset programatically...

    You dont' need to iterate through a recordset, carefull use of SQL can get round most of the 'how do I add query a to query b'
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