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    Exclamation Unanswered: Report Sum Problem

    I have a report and all I want is for a field in the report to display a total sum of the different values of one text box in all records displayed.

    For example, someone told me to try =sum([txtboxname]) and enter that into a new text box.

    This doesnt work. All that happends is when i run the report it prompts me to enter search criteria for txtboxname...for some reason it is recognizing the sum command is some kind of a search field.

    Can someone tell me where to put this and how to do it so it will total the field i need to totaled.


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    You can't sum a control (textbox), but you can sum a field in the data of the report's underlying table/query, so:


    would work. Watch out if a control has the same name, as that can cause problems.
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