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    Unanswered: php form entries into sql


    I am looking into making a php form that has certain fields.. so when data is entered into those fields it will be added to a database on the form completion.

    lets say i have a form with different fields, some fields will be a drop down boxes that will allow me to select the category that it will be entered into at the database, the other fields will be extra info about the main field entry like name etc.

    so lets say i have a main category called farmers, then i will require sub categories like say pig farmers, cattle farmers and so on, i will require it to add to the category that were selected on the add form, then display in those category etc on a php page for members to view, selecting the category etc to view olny that category or all if needed.

    If you understand this then please help me out or is there any php/sql scripts out there already that will allow me to do this until i learn a little/lot more.


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    You may look at php forms and sql tutorial at this site.

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