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    Unanswered: using vba for a formula in xl

    i would like to have a formula that reads a vba function
    some thing like

    =varAnaly(rng1 as range,rng2 as range,proof as range)

    function varAnaly
    if range(rng1) is a number ' is there a NAN in VBA?
    and if range(rng2) is a number then

    test1 = (range(rng1).value + range(rng2).value ) /2

    varAnaly = (test1- proof)/proof

    end func

    i am having trouble with if its a # and how to write a vba function and use it as an excel formula

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    Take a look at the IsNumeric VBA function, it'll return true for numbers.

    What other difficulties are you having?

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    Got it all, thanks !~

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