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    Unanswered: tab names and updates

    i am using excel 2003 and i have a total sheet in my workbook that i have setup to do automatic updating using this formula: =SUM('[Client1]Client 1'!I37). my problem is that the cell is not updating automatically. i have to reisert the formula to get it work, is there something i can do to fix this?

    also is there any code available that will allow me to change the tab names when a cell in the sheet is changed? in other words if someone adds a new client is there someway for the tab name to automatically change to that name? if so how can i do it?


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    For the first part, check Tools > Options > Calculation and make sure it is set to automatic

    For the second part, you can change the names of tab in code several ways. Each worksheet is a Sheet object and can be referenced using it's index or it's name. The desired property, as expected, is Name

    Sheets("Sheet2").Name = "NewName"
    As for the "automatically" part, you have to decide what the trigger is and where to put the code.


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    Your formula is set to sum one cell, in a worksheet with brackets in it's name, which Excel 2003 does not allow. Rename your worksheet and try again.

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