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Thread: Oci and Forms6i

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    I made a simple application that uses MFC+OTL4
    I used oci from 9i and 8.1.6
    The problem is that on workstations there is ONLY forms6i client used :|
    Those Forms are based on Oracle 8.0.6
    when i try to run the application i get eighter
    - cannot create environment
    - ORA-24333(if i copy all dll's that this program uses from server in this case 8.1.6)

    Is it possible to download Oracle 8.0.6 for Windows(2k/XP if possible) since Oracle does not provide such old versions?
    Maybe I could just use OCI directory from 8.0.6 to compile or do i need whole server?
    If so does anyone have such old version installed or have access to?
    Or if there's any other possible solution please share with me


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    IIRC, V8.0 SQL*Net can not talk to Oracle V9.2
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    I think Forms 6ir2 and Oracle 9i server work well together

    but it's not the case in here
    you can assume that you have server 8.1.6 and Forms 6ir2

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    problem solved

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