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    Question Unanswered: Navicat problem: Exporting...

    Hi Everyone,

    I've decided to use Navicat to help create the MySQL database i require for a dymanic website i'm creating using coldfusion. I'm rather new to using navicat and so i'm unsure as to how i can export data. I've been using Microsoft Access mostly for designing any databases i may need. I'm now giving MySQL a shot and i'm using Navicat as my interface to designing MySQL databases. Basically i'm creating a database driven website using coldfusion... normally when i used Access to create my databases i could simply cut and paste the actual database file generated by Access into the 'wwwroot' folder which it needs to be in order for me to locally develop my dynamic website. However i'm not sure how to do this with navicat... I in a sense want to export the entire database i have created into that 'wwwroot' folder in order for me to continue developing. How would i go about doing this?

    Would i need to simply select every table in the database and using the export wizard to export it to the 'wwwroot' folder? And if so, which export format should i use? I noticed i can export tables into a MS Access format, but i can't imagine that being wise since the actual database will be hosted on a linux server once its complete. So in order for the database to function correctly on my linux server, which export format do you think i should use?

    Thanks for your help, it's much appreciated .

    - CK

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    Hi CK, and welcome to the forum

    fist off I think there is a boit of cnfusion about how MySQL interacts with your web server. The web server places a request to the dbserver. the webserver doesn't know where the dbserver physcially sits (it couild be on the same machine, it could be on a machine next door, next rack, or half way accross the world.

    The dbserver is reposnisible for managing its data, you can configure this at setup, but once configured thats what it uses for any and every application (be that different webservers, many sites using the same webserver or other processes requiring data access (eg your FTP admin of the sites data)

    So rather than explicitly telling MySQL where you want the data at the time you want to create the db, you need to let MySQL handle these sort of issues.

    Personally I have never used Navicat - I used dbTools which seemed a very painless way of getting to and from MySQL from Access. However I have used MySQL Administator (& MySQL Query Browser) from MySQL to do some of the basic admin & checking.

    Normally I'd create the db in Administrator, assign some basic permissions. The switch to a.n.other tool to do the updating. The return to Administrator to ensure that permissions are correctly set for the objects. A brief word of caution you need to make sure that the userid you connect to MySQL has got admin privileges.

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    Hi Healdem ,

    Thank you for your response. MySQL is certainly new to me so i apologize in advance if i cause confusion due to my inexperience with MySQL. So from what i understand, the database i create sits inside MySQL itself. Just so we're on the same page, i am locally developing this database and so the only server connection i have is to the localhost, I am not interacting with any web server - the way i see it, once i'm done with creating the database locally and connecting it to the website i've designed; then from there will i upload all that onto the web server.... is that the correct way to go about doing this?

    I went into MySQL Administrator and in the Startup Variables page under the General Parameters tab i noticed it displays the data directory and i noticed a folder of the name of my database there along with an OPT file and .FRM files which appear to be my tables within that folder.... what exactly is that OPT file and those .FRM files? Isn't that my database?

    Thanks for your help, i highly appreciate it .

    - CK
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