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    Unanswered: Too many postre.exe open in Task Manager?


    I use PostgreSQL as the dbase for a data analysis tracking program.

    Currently I have 7 PostreSQL dbases, 6 as archival and 1 as the current, active one that gathers real time stats.

    Typically, in the past when opening the data analysis program, PokerTracker (, there would be 2 to 5 instances of postgre.exe that would appear in the Task Manager.

    Well, suddenly, with no change in any other processes or amount of databases used, I am getting 14 different postgre.exe that are shown as open and active in Task Manager, along with postmaster.exe.
    See Task Manager image below. It seems I have way too many postgres.exe.

    Any ideas why this is happening? It doesn't seem right and, of course, is chewing up extra amounts of RAM.




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    Postgres will open one postgres.exe for each connection that is made to the server. So maybe you are connecting from several places, or someone else connects to the database.

    Try to close all programs that you know beeing connected to Postgres. Then check the processes again. There is also a system view where you could track connections (I think it's pg_activity or something like that, check the manual)

    If you feel these connections are not OK, you could use a tool like TCPView ( to check where the connections are coming from.

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    I think that the number of process are related to the number of connexions

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