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    Question Unanswered: PostgresODBC to Remote Server


    I have been working with Postgres & Odbc for year now with great success.

    I have a problem now when trying to work with a remote server.

    If the network drops & reconnects I get an error saying the connect has errored

    Mysql & odbc would try and reconnect automaticly if needed.

    How can I do this with postgres & odbc?

    I thought of using the state property to check on teh connection.

    Currently I open the connection to the database when the app opens and only open and close the recordsets during the life of the app.

    I could establish a whole new connection each time I need data but that seems a waste of code and is slower for the app)

    Thanks heaps for any help

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    IMO, monitoring connection state would be the way to go.
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