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    Unanswered: 32Gb DB2 Backup fails on Windows 2000


    We use DB2 version 7.5 on windows 200 platform.

    the db backup failed occasionaly with following error

    Media controller -- device and file access denied: ffffb5aa

    On analysing we found the failure occurs when backup file size exceed 32 GB.

    IBM says the problem is due to NT cache setting and recommend setting db2 registry variable DB2NTNOCACHE=ON.

    We did that but found all our quries take 10 times more time with this setting.

    So the question is "How do we overcome the apparent 32 Gb limitation on Windows 2000 system'.

    Thanks in advance

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    Looks like destination file cannot exceed 32gig; how about backingup to multiple destinations(look in the backup command; in V8 you can use this)Also in UNIX, you can use a PIPE and COMPRESS(there may be something equivalent)

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