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    please help with the design

    Hello everyone,
    I am Vaibhav. I need help on a project which i wish to work on, also that i havent started the work yet.

    Well i am going to work on a project in java which involves a lot of database activity. Well it consists of tracking of Shares bought and sold from the stock exchange. The process will be as follows...
    1) A user has done some trading in the stock exchange thru some stock broker..
    2) The user is given not a software copy but a pile of hard copies of the bills involving these transactions..
    3) The user wishes to transfer these accounts to the Computer....

    Now to do the 3rd step given above, i wish to create a java front end and a MS Access Back end (Database)....

    Given the above scenario...i need help to create a database schema or the architecture...

    Please any body suggest me an Architecture/Schema for the database......

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    I assume for 1 reason or another you can't use one of the thousands of pre-made stock trade db's that are available already so...

    1- Will this be just long stocks/etf's or will it also include MF's, options, warrants, rights, shorts, annuity sub-accounts, etc?
    2- are you using ODX or OFX transmissions from the broker?
    3- what all are you tracking?
    4- do you have the cusip numbers for these stocks or just a symbol or a name?

    Anyway, I'll tell you a fraction of what I know about what you are doing (2 tables):
    Each security has:
    CUSIP (reqd -primary key)
    SYMOBL (opt -unique)
    NAME (opt)
    TYPE (Especially important if you are doing accounting and need to know settlements)

    Each transaction has:
    TransactionID (reqd -primary key)
    TRANSACTION (-required -buy/sell/sell short?/exercise?/assigned?/grant?)
    (I assume you also want)

    EDIT: this all assumes you're using a USA broker. I'm not sure about cusip's on foreign exchanges.

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