Hello Everyone -
I am new to this forum and look forward to posting and reading information about the use of DB2 UDB running on Redhat LINUX. I am working with DB2 UDB v8.2 and I am very new to using LINUX. I am strictly a Windows type of person. I have been using DB2 UDB v8.2 on Windows for many years. If anyone has information on how to setup DB2 UDB to startup automatically when RedHat LINUX is started, that would help me tremendously!!! Remember I am new to LINUX and the different commands, so I will need to have detailed instructions. With Windows it was a very easy process. I have successfully installed DB2 UDB on RedHat LINUX, but having great difficulty getting it started. Also, how do I get GNU or the other default desktop to come up when I use PUTTY to logon to my LINUX server? I look forward to everyones responses. Thank you for your time.