Hi all,

I hope some of the masters here can lighten up my newbie head.

- Routed networks
- Linux - Oracle server in wired switched 100Mbps network
- Application in Delphi using BDE
- Wireless Bridge - available bandwidth 10Mbps (1.2Mb/s) routed by 2 Linux servers (Intel P4, pretty much ideal)

The bandwidth of link is completely available and even though, clients sitting in the other end of the Wireless Bridge, have really reaaaally bad performance specifically with the application (BDE Oracle connection). Monitoring the bandwidth consumption, I see that client's never use more than 400Kbps peaks.
To guarantee that this wasn't a network link problem, during slow client access, I could hit 1.1Mb/s (8000Kbps) in while copy a file using Windows Explorer from one network to the other.

Any help, on how I can fine tune my network, BDE, or even Oracle server, to improve performance is more than welcome.

Thanks a lot in advance,
Aleks Honma