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    Unanswered: copying LONGs datatype issues


    So the LONG datatype is 1) deprecated in Oracle, 2) problematic to replicate data between tables. Having said that, I still have to copy/archive a subset of rows that contains a long datatype column. It's possible that this could involve aobut 5,000 rows each time the procedure runs.

    I have seen a couple of different ways for doing this between here and

    1. Cursor - In another thread here, somone used a cursor. This would work for me, but I suspect this has quite a bit of overhead.

    2. COPY command - but this too is deprecated and I cannot guarantee this methodology to work in the future for my customer.

    I don't see that either of these two solutions are great solutions. Are there any preferences here or better solutions that I may have missed?

    Thank you.

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    changing the datatype from LONG to LOB?
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    Thanks. I took another look at this and got it to work with NCLOB.

    Thank you.

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