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    Angry Unanswered: DB AUDIT Template

    Can anybody mail me Template for DB Audit & Template for Report on performance Tunning in Sybase 12.5

    Mail :

    Balkrishna M

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    Hi Bala and group,
    I have problem using dblib which has been bothering me.
    I am at present trying to code a multiple processing system,which involves multiple access to the same databases and also involves a number of inserts and updates to the database.So obviously thnere are a number of deadlock.I have installed sufficinet message handlers to take care of deadlock and reprocess in case of deadlock.

    My problem is that inside the dbsqlexec call whenever a deadlock happens the message handler is invoked.But my program crashes just after the message handler is called.I checked to see that there was no problem inside the message handler code.But the dbsqlexec function crashes.
    Alternatively i tried using dbsqlsend and dbsqlok for dbsqlexec.But again this time dbsqlsend hangs inside.
    Am not sure about what happens inside the dbsqlexec call and why it crashes.This problem happens only whenever there is a deadlock in dbsqlexec.Can anyone give me some pointers on this problem.


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