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    Unanswered: Self-referencial integrity constraints

    Dear Friends,
    I want the example data base relation for self - referencial integrity constraint

    With Regards,

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    Think about a Bill of Material (BOM) application in manufacturing.

    I have a motor. It contains, among other things a block, a head assembly, 4 pistons, various bolts, and a gasket kit.

    The gasket kit contains 15 gaskets of various types.

    The head assembly contains valves, a valve spring kit, bolts, camshaft, bolts, etc.

    the valve spring kit contains 8 valve springs.

    You have a heirarchial relationship.

    Each record would contain information about the item in question, including a pointer (Foreign Key) to it's parent record...

    If a part is at the top of it's heirarchy, then it has no parent, and IT'S parent record FK is null.
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