I am creating a database for work. I will try to use an example and hopefully, someone has created a query similar to this.

I have 2 tables that I want to compare data and find differences in 2 different cells. One table has a cell with text, such as C0107 /PT3L /STAGFLMABBC/STAGFLU0046. The other table has a field with the full text such as STAGFLU0046UL2160107. As you can see, I want to pull what is the same out of both records. Since the STAGFLU0046 is the unique text out of both tables and records, I want the query to search based on partial text in both records. I can't do a Like "*STAGFLU0046*" because all of the records are different. I will try to make a table as well to make it easier to come up with the query language.

CKT ID field in CKT table

Full Text field in Project table

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.