A second vendor has installed a vertical software program that uses MDB's, and an exe. After installing their software, when I run my Access program that has a Main MDE, which has DAO calls to a local and "Back End" MDB and Queries to the "BE" MDB. The back end MDB has links to the front end MDE. This all runs under 2002 runtime. I have tried to run the MDE under 2003 Access, it returns the same result. This is all running on a MS 2003 server with XP Pro clients connecting to it, the clients are not part of the domain. They authenticate through a single user named "user". This is not my network. I only supply an analysis program for traffic data flow.

The only references are to;
VB 4 applications
MS access 10 object library
OLE Automation
MS DAO 3.6 Object

The program has worked flawlessly up to the point of their install. The existing program still works on other machines in the same network that were not installed on.
Upon opening before the splash screen opens I get the following error;

This file is located outside your intranet or on an untrusted site. will not open the file due to potential security problems.

To open the file, copy to your machine or an accessible network location.

I have access on the same machines, to the server drive that the BE file sit on with other programs..

My program does not make any internet calls, as the error message seems to be referring to an internet related site, I found a posting to add the paths to the "trusted sites in IE" I did that but no change?

I know you are yelling at the screen to just uninstall the other program, that will not work as that program is tied directly to the client's income stream. To me the program has changed the security settings somewhere on the machine. If any of you have a clue then please let me know, I am pulling my hair out!

Thank you in advance!