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    Regarding isam_err

    I got this following error from my application. Please tell what it means.

    DBError -565: Cannot read sorted rows. , isam_err = -131, loc = 'select count from aaa'

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    you would be better off asking your question in the relevant thread within the forum.
    the choice of the relevant thread is upto you.
    If its purely database realted then ask in the relevant database thread
    if its to do with soemthing called form a front end or development tool / language / or front end then ask it there

    in this case I case you would be better off asking in the relevent tool / language section.

    However to get an answer you need to provide as much information as you think is relevant - one thing to bear in mind is that contributors here are not Psychic (psycotic maybe) if you dont' provide the information (eg database type and version eg MySQL V3.23.31, or the language eg Delphi Vx you may get answers which are irrelevant to your circumstances OR no answers at all.
    If you have doubts as to what to add, add it, the more infromation you give the better, but be wary of overlong questions, some contributors have neither the time or inclination to read huge posts.
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