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    Unanswered: bat file invokation from oracle procedure

    hi all,

    can i execute a bat file from oracle stored procedure ?

    we can use host command from the sql prompt, but from
    oracle procedure how can i execute the "bat file" or "os commands"?

    please help.

    thanks in advance

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    If you are on Oracle 10g you are able.
    Check out

    If you are not on Oracle 10g I have heard (never tried) you can execute a command through TNS and EXTPROC. I can not recomend any resources as i have not tried this approach but you can quickly do a search on the net for 'execute tns listener external extproc' and get some hits.

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    On 9i you can create a java stored procedure which can execute any OS command (which can be called from plsql). Look on for more info.


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