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    Unanswered: form/table question

    what is the best way in a form to show 5 payment types with associated text boxes where a person could add a dollar figure? I would like the underlying table to show 2 columns, payment type and payment rate. I need this so I could link this table by payment type to claims data that has a corresponding payment type field. I see combo and list boxes but really I would like the payment type field in the table to show up in the form (and can't be changed) next to the payment rate text box?

    Is it possible?

    This is the view in the underlying table.

    PaymentType PaymentRate
    Mental Health $0.00
    NICU $0.00
    Well Newborn $0.00
    Maternity $0.00
    Surgical $0.00


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    Your question is somewhat vague. I think what you are looking for is
    to put 5 text boxes in which dollar values can be input, but the data is all
    to be saved in one column in your table.

    I would build an unbound form ( or at least that portion of it), and put a save button on it. The save button would then be coded to insert/update the values in the table.
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