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    Unanswered: Create Database Help

    Hi DBA's,

    I need one help. Actually I have installed oracle 9i ( on my system and by mistaken I have assign the drive D:\ ( size 2.9 gb) instead of E: ( size 5 gb). The installation was successfuly but when I tried to create database via DATABASE MIGRATION ASSISTANT I got one error because disk space was not sufficient for creating the database. Execpt creation of database everything was installed fine. Can anyone help me.coz I know I can specify the difference path for oracle database but HOW ??

    The other way of doing it to again remove the whole install and again re-install in E:\ drive. but I am pretty sure I will get my answer over here.

    I have the script for creating the database manually and I want to do by this way but how to connect to oracle .

    Thanks in advance.

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    Instead of taking the default path's, simply choose to edit the path assignments and use "E" instead of "D".
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    yes, you can create the DATABASE on a seperate drive from the binaries.
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