Marcus A.,
I read your post about how to "order by" in a CREATE VIEW command.
IBM (Toronto Lab) said it can not be done. Thank you for posting that solution. My problem now is : Can these views be updatable? I know they contain a fullselect and subselect and documention
says they are not updatable but is there a workaround. My "order by" views are not fancy or complex just 1 table sorted.

Create View ARTERM3 as Select ART3TC,ART3CC,ART3AC from (SELECT
ART3TC,ART3CC,ART3AC FROM T_ARTERM3 order by 1) as t;

Is there a way to
make them updatable when read by JAVA ? Thank you for your help.
More detail - The problem I am trying to solve is the JAVA code is
written to be a line by line convertion of a RPG program.
There is no up front sql/sequel to select records from the tables.
This is because the code acts like an RPG it /opens/reads/writes and
expects the records to be in a sort sequence like the AS/400 logical
file would be on the AS/400. Does anyone had a workaround for this
problem ? Thanks in advance.