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    Create user error

    to create a new user when i give the following statement
    its showing error,error as follows
    DB21034E The command was processed as an SQL statement because it was not a
    valid Command Line Processor command. During SQL processing it returned:
    SQL0104N An unexpected token "USER" was found following "CREATE ". Expected
    tokens may include: "TYPE". SQLSTATE=42601
    provide me solution for creating a new user

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    its highly unlikely that you will get an answer to your question if you post a technical question here. This thread is intended SOLEY as its titled "NEW MEMBERS AND INTRODUCTIONS"

    if you are looking for assistance on a aprticaular problem then you need to post that question in the appropriate thread on the site.

    usually its not a major problem, however I cannot deduce waht Version of SQL you are using.

    in order to get a sensible reply you need to provide details of the software & operating system you are using, includeing versions (for example MySQL 4 is very differnet to MySQL 5 - answers appropriate to V5 may be unworkable to v4)

    you need to clearly and concisely describe your problem(s), and if required provide examples of the code that failed (the DDL/DML if its a db problem), the applkication code

    perhaps you may care to look at the FAQ in the access thread for an example of what is required.
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