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    Unanswered: Shared_pool_size

    Hi Experts,

    I had already discussed on issues related to shared_pool_size.

    These are the values for the allocated memory in my oracle 9i database

    large_pool_size 0
    db_keep_cache_size 0
    db_2k_cache_size 0
    db_recycle_cache_size 0
    db_4k_cache_size 0
    db_16k_cache_size 0
    db_32k_cache_size 0
    db_8k_cache_size 0
    log_buffer 1
    java_pool_size 32
    shared_pool_size 160
    db_cache_size 464
    sga_max_size 705.964775

    When I tried to increase the shared_pool_size to 200M, the foll.error was thrown.

    alter system set shared_pool_size=200M;

    ORA-02097: parameter cannot be modified because specified value is invalid
    ORA-04033: Insufficient memory to grow pool

    Pl. advice me on this as it is not allowing me to increase even 1 MB size.


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    Try increasing the SGA_Max_Size first.
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