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    Unanswered: HPLODER QUERY doesnt suppurt current year to second

    I am working with hploader to unload the data from database.
    Seems in the select statements with 'current year to second' , for example :
    select current year to second as lastupdate from tabname , as single statement it is working well. But as a select query in hploader, i always get error like below :

    exception : looking for handler
    SQL error = -1263 ISAM error = 0 error string = = ""
    exception : no appropriate handler

    Is there any way to solve this problem?

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    is something related with PDQPRIORITY ?

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    Please define environment variable DBDATE.


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    I dont know why, after one month i come back my job, it works with CURRENT in select statement , with hploader. And i check, seems no DBDATE defined? (normally it defined where?)

    Now comes up another problem, i just found as long as i define a SPL (even very simple one), when i use hploader to unload data,always return me back like :

    Query -> select meimei(1) xx from yy for read only

    Convert Reject -> Log/zz.Urej
    Cannot unload to multiple devices when the given query cannot be executed in parallel.

    my function is very simple here :

    drop function meimei;

    CREATE function meimei(vv int8) RETURNING INT8 ;

    define xx int8;

    let xx = vv;
    return xx;

    END function;

    When i check the document, always mention me use modifier parallelizable, but acutally it is only for external UDR, not for SPL.

    Any way to solve the problem?

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