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    Unanswered: DateAdd Function

    I am trying to filter dates based on the DateAdd field in my query. It will not allow me to use specific criteria in the query under the DateAdd field. I can filter if I use enter the date in the expression such as Between #04/01/2005# And #05/01/2007# in the DateAdd field. I want to filter the criteria based on the dates I enter in a form. I am using this as my expression.

    Between [Forms]![Employee Information]![Start Date] And [Forms]![Employee Information]![End Date]

    This expression works fine in all fields execpt the dateadd field

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    Surround your criteria with "#"s, as you do in your explicit example.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    Date Add Function

    I get an error message that says The expression you entered has an invalid date value. This is what I wrote

    Between #[Forms]![Employee Information]![Start Date]# And #[Forms]![Employee Information]![End Date]#

    Did I mispace the number signs?

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