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    Question Unanswered: Error code 424 - Object Required (Excel Macro)


    I'm working on an Excel macro to parse a string, extracting one substring into a second cell and cutting down the original string. When I try to run the macro, I get an "object required" error on both of the ActiveCell.Text = [string] lines. I apologize for the variable names; it's a short program, and hopefully the comments will help. All help on resolving the issue is appreciated. Thanks in advance!


    Sub LRU()

    Dim a As String 'this will be the original string
    Dim b As String 'this will be the LRU type string
    Dim c As Integer 'this will be the return value of InStr(a,b) indicating where the type starts in string a
    Dim d As Integer 'this will be the length of the type string, b
    Dim e As Integer 'this will the length of a

    a = ActiveCell.Text
    b = "" 'initialize b to the empty string
    c = 0 'initialize c to zero
    e = Len(a)

    While (c = 0) 'while we haven't found the correct LRU type yet

    If b = "" Then 'keep changing b, looking for the correct LRU type
    b = "PABTS" 'cycle through all of the possibilities, one by one
    ElseIf b = "PABTS" Then
    b = "ISP" 'This is an exhaustive list of all of the possibilities
    ElseIf b = "ISP" Then 'for the type of LRU.
    b = "OSP"
    ElseIf b = "LM2" Then
    b = "LM3"
    ElseIf b = "LM3" Then
    b = "POL"
    Else: b = "" 'If it is not in the list above, then it will be a special case.
    End If

    If b = "" Then
    MsgBox ("Special case, LRU type not found.")
    c = -1
    c = InStr(a, b) 'find the start position c of substring b in superstring a
    End If

    If c > 0 Then
    d = Len(b)
    ActiveCell.Text = Right(a, e - c - d) 'set the active cell to be the details of the LRU
    ActiveCell.Offset(0, -1).Range("A1").Select 'shift the active cell one to the left, to LRU type
    ActiveCell.Text = b 'set the LRU type cell to the type determined above
    End If


    End Sub

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    Nevermind, problem solved. Instead of using ActiveCell.Text, which is used for reading the cell, I should have been using ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 for writing to it.

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