Working on a home built book database in Access using data from Amazon. I've got a functioning database in that I can enter an ISBN number and populate a table with pertinant book information from Amazon. The problem is that sometimes there is no book info available for a particular ISBN, and I end up with import errors.

I've envisioned how I can fix it but can't figure out how to execute my vision. The xml file I get has a specific node ("/ItemSearchResponse/Items/TotalResults") that tells me how many records have been found matching my criteria. If the "TotalResults" is 0, I'll open a form for user input, if it's 1 I'll have it continue with the transform/import methods.

I've loaded the xml file into a domdocument in access but can't figure out how access the "TotalResults" value from the DOMdocument. I've been trying .selectnodes, .selectsinglenode, .nodetypedvalue but can't seem to get the right combination.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.