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    Unanswered: What is maximo???


    At work we have an asset management system provided by a third party company which is based on a maximo system. I've heard of this in the past but know little about it. Is maximo a database system in it's own right or does it sit on top of, say SQL server or oracle??

    Reason I ask is the system is accessed by us through a web portal from which we can view, change and download data relating to property faults (broken windows etc). The current download facility is limited in that it missess out 20% of the fields required for any detailed ot useful analysis and although i've asked them to add certain fields they reckon they can't do it. I personally believe that changing the select statement that sits behind the "download" button wold work. Also, they have incorrectly closed off several thousand jobs and reckon they can't change these back to a live status, "even from the database directly", while i reckon they should be able to update the value of the status field using some form of update query.

    Anyway I digress.. would be grateful of someone could tell me just what we're dealing with here so i know how far i can push them for answers.

    Many thanks!!

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    per this power point presentation from the southern california Maximo users group, it was developed initially on top of Oracle, and has a SQL Server port.
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