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    Unanswered: replication server warm standby

    Hi friends,
    I m doing the installation for warm standby in replication server.
    after finishing everything , replication is not happening.
    i checked the logical status for active db.there i found standby connection as "active/waiting for enable marker"
    & i checked the admin who,dsi there it is showing "ignoring".
    this i cant solve . what i tryed is i purge the inbound queue contents(using sysadmin purge_all_open) after suspending dsi & stoping replication agent. but then also its not working..
    Anyone can tell me what can b done to solve this problem...

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    Check that the stored proc rs_marker is marked for replication in the primary database. rs_init executes this proc when you add the standby connection. The repagent picks it up in the log, and the repserver either starts replication from this point, or waits for the next dump marker if you're using dump and load to sync the databases.

    rs_marker should always be marked for replication, but I've seen a case just like this, where we couldn't get the repserver to spot the enable marker. It turned out that rs_marker had been unmarked for replication.

    If this is the problem, mark rs_marker using sp_setrepproc, drop the physical connection to the standby and then re-add it. When you resume the dsi, the repserver should find the execution of rs_marker in the queue and the status should change in admin logical_status. The server also writes to the errorlog when it finds the enable marker.

    If the status of rs_marker is correct, it's probably worth dropping the physical connection to the standby and trying again anyway, as this will purge the appropriate queue for you.

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    Willy is on vacation
    in the rs_databases

    just cnage the the dist_status for logical connection to 65
    and the physical connections to 1
    recycle rep server

    should get the data moving

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