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    Unanswered: Need formula to place decimal point on number field

    I have a set of numbers that I am concatenating in a formula. The numbers comes over with a decimal point and following zero's. I just want to remove the decimal point and the zero's and have a whole number only. This has to be added to my formula.

    Example: {PHPACCT.AAMMM} & "/" & {PHPACCT.AAMDD} & "/" & {PHPACCT.AAMCY}

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    From your example it looks like these numbers are being treated as strings, is that the case or are these actually numeric fields?There are different ways of doing this depending on what data type you are dealing with. If these are actually numeric fields and you are trying to format a date (that's what it looks like) you can use the DateSerial function.

    DateSerial(YYYY, MM, DD)

    or with your example:
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