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Thread: strange issue

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    Unanswered: strange issue

    Env: DB2 v8.1 FP7a (8.2.0) on AIX5.3.

    we wanted to have FP11 (8.2.4) installed on the same machine hence downloaded the alternate fixpack and installed the same.

    After installing DB2 Version 8.2 FixPak 4, did the following:

    * Update instances to use the new level of DB2
    * Restart the instances, and
    * Bind the bind files

    Now the issue is that when I tried connecting to the database, nothing is displayed and besides no error message in the db2diag.log file as well. I get a generic message "db2 db connection does not exist"...

    Are there any known issues with FP11?

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    Wait a moment. How did you bind the files w/o connecting to DB? Was your bind successful?

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