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    Unanswered: Combobox and Autofill Question(s)

    Is it possible to have a combobox that pulls records or record information from another table and then finds a record on a different table? I know that sounds confusing so let me explain it with names.

    I have frmFitness that has an ID combobox. The values for the ID combobox are being pulled from a tblMain. The other fields in frmFitness are coming from tblFitness. The two tables are linked using their respective ID fields. tblMain will always have the information before tblFitness which is why frmFitness is pulling the ID from tblMain instead of having it be typed in a textbox. Does anyone know how I can autofill the rest of the frmFitness even though the ID combobox is pulling from a different table than the other fields? After that, does anyone know how to have it add a new record for the respective ID if there is no information on that record yet?

    Let me know if you need further clarification in order to answer the question, I know it sounds confusing.

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    Yes as long as the data is link

    You can Give the width of the coloum 0 which Hide then

    in the Coloum width you mite have 0;2.50;0;0;0;0
    coloum count = 6 <= very important

    Then in the code you can get the data by
    bla = me.combobox.coloum(3)

    I find this faster than doing a Dlookup()
    hope this help

    See clear as mud

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    but doesn't that only work when you are getting the values from the same table? The information that I need to fill in automatically is mainly all from a different table. Combobox pulls from tblMain and I need the other fields to autofill from tblFitness.

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