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    Unanswered: macro to make label visible

    Bit like a progress meter!!!

    i have a form with 6 labels on which i have set to be Visible = No

    what i would like to do is as follows,

    i have a series of 6 reports which are built via macros that take a little while to generate and then print, as each report has finished building i would like to make a label become visible on my form....

    Example Process i am trying to achieve:

    1) i click the button to generate the reports
    2) the macro kicks in
    3) my form with labels opens
    4) as first report is built i want the first label to become visible
    5) as 2nd report is built i want the 2nd label to become visible and so on.

    I guess what i am asking is, is there a way to make a label visible from a macro?

    God i hope that made sense!!!!

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    consider putting some code behind the reports on open & on close events. the code can either directly manipulcate the controls on the host form, or send a message to a function in the host form to do soemthing
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