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    Unanswered: Email Notification when new record is added

    Hi, Thanks for taking the time to help me out of a bind.

    I have a form on a web page that that adds a new record to an Access database whenever a user clicks on the submit button. I need to find out a way of receiving notification that a new record was just added to Table A in my Access database. Then, I would like to be able to go into my access database, and pull up a report that is linked to that new record.

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    I'm not thinking that Access is the right tool for your application based on the small amount of info provided.

    In any case, you have two seperate things to take care of: catching a new record and sending an email. For the latter part, there is a lot of information in this forum already.

    For the first part, make a small, seperate DB that links to the table in question. Create a form that has an unbound text box. When the form is opened, lookup the last key value in the table and copy the value into the unbound box.

    Set an "On Timer" event that looks up the last key value and compares it to the value on the form. If it's different, new records have been added. Every value AFTER the value on the form is new, and that will tell the "notification" part which records are new. After sending your notifications, replace the value on the form with the new "highest key value".

    This is a rough sketch of a way to do it. You can use a date/time field instead of the key for example. There are thousands ways to tweak the logic.

    have fun,

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    Talking Make a query

    Hi Dawnfmnj,
    I agree totally with tcace here it makes sense to what he is talking about.
    Let me just give you my input to what i have done with similar situation. I have a issue database i have done and i would like to know whenever there is a new issue posted. to resolve that problem i have used a query which i call todays query you can call it whatever you want, i have added all my fields to it and under the date field i have a criteria set to today so if i want to see todays issue which i do check by the end of the day i can see it by simply click on the button which runs my query and if i want to edit it i go right to it.
    Hope this helps you


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