I've been working with a doctor that uses Lytec 2004 Client Server for a couple of weeks, I guess you would call it Medical Practice Software.

I've been scouring the web & have been unable to find meaningful information on this product - does anyone out there have experience with Lytec or know of resources that are not: Sales materials, Lone posts with no replies or Stale discussions?

I'm posting here as I did find some interesting posts on this website related to Lytec in the Pervasive section & this seemed like the right section to discuss this software package.

My desire is to get to know this software better than the VAR has been able to support it - we don't have time to spend on the phone & get DUH as the answer. Our server went down last week & we are down to only working on one workstation at a time - otherwise we start getting data inconsistencies.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Dave B.