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    Question Unanswered: Remote dump-storage options...


    It is an old truism, that backups should be stored as far away as possible from the originals.

    Storing remote (encrypted) backups, uploaded over the 'net nightly seems the most sensible. Are there providers offering this sort of service?

    Any recommendations and/or horror stories? Thanks!

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    What is the size of your backups?

    If they are more than a few GB or so copying it over the net may not be a very good solution.

    That being said I haven't heard of a provider that offers this specific service, though depending on your requirements you could quite easily set it up yourself (get a dedicated box at a colo somewhere, and then either install Sybase and do a remote dump or do a local dump followed by a copy of the dump via scp or similar).

    I have such a dedicated host for my personal use and it doesn't cost all that much.


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