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    Exclamation Unanswered: Having Trouble using Forms


    I'm working on a Form that is powered by a Table w/ multiple Lookup tables. And the problem I'm having is w/ a Toggle Button. I'm trying to give the button a command to lock the current record when pressed and unlock when pressed again.

    I've tried through properties and under the Event Tab and on Click: i used the RecordLocks command through the expression builder but still doesnt work correct. The only way RecordLocks works is if you assign that to the Validation Rule but the problem w/ that is ALL the records in the form are locked and you can't even scroll to the next record. The reason for the lock is so other users can't just edit any completed record that they want. I know there are probably other ways to do Form record locks but I'm doing this for average power users and I think the toggle button would be easiest.

    Any help would be so appreciated. I've racked my brain on this for a week now and this toggle button is the last thing I'm trying to fix.

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    Not clear here; you want to have a field in the record that indicates individual records as "locked" so that those specific records can not be edited unless the "unlock button" is pressed?

    How about this: put the records on a sub form and have an on current even of the main form that locks and unlocks the subform based on the value of your lock field. You'll need an after update event on the field itself that does the same thing.


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