I'm currently working on developing a reporting system for a software distribution application. So far I have 3 tables, One has the machine info and id, the second has workgroup data and the last has package data. I'm having an issue in designing the table for the workgroup data. The first column will have the workgroup name which is my primary key then the packages come after it. The same package can be linked to the many different workgroup names for example:

workgroup1 package1 package2 package3
workgroup2 package2 package4
workgroup3 package1 package3

I just can't see how to normalize this data??

Do I create a many to many table to cross reference the data or is there another solution? I'm looking for something that is very scalable because the data changes quite offten. Oh, I should include that I want to query so I can lookup a machine and see which workgroup it is in and which packages it is suppose to receive.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.