Well, if you said I'd be into working on DB's about 6 months ago, I'd a called you a lier. But, now here I am.

I have serious respect for anyone who has learned this craft. As of now, I'm self taught. This makes building a DB take a long time. I've learned alot over the past several months on it though.

My question would be, what would be the best route to learn Access and MSSQL? Should I go to college? Should I follow a book? I'm to the point where I wouldn't mind taking some college to get the overview (big picture), showing me where I can find the answers. Also, the fundamentals of what I should be doing in DB / user evironment fabrication.

I have a moderate understanding of tables, and forms. Light on the querries however. I've learned alot about VBA coding from various places and can get certain things done, but have a hard time with fundamentals. Example would be where to use an IIF vs IF statement. Or, how to effectively set up If Then statements. I can get them to work, sometimes... Also, proper syntax for VBA at times...

Anyways, thanks to the "DBFORUMS" Gods for making this forum possible. Without which, I would be forever lost!