I am new to DB forums.. hope you all will enjoy my company here..

Coming to point directly.. here is my problem.

I am using Oracle 9i. I have a user dEV_USER which is used by all developers in my project. I want to give them only DML i.e. SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE rights and no DDL rights. I do not want developers to create delete or modify any schema object. They can play with the data but not with schema. I created this user from system user and granted it CONNECT AND RESOURCE. I created all needed tables and then revoke RESOURCE rights. But this is not stopping them from dropping tables or modifying tables.

Also, I want one user ADMIN who is having all rights on DEV_USER. I will be having password to ADMIN, hence only I should be able to make all required DDL changes to DEV_USER.

So please tell me what grants/privileges I should grant to DEV_USER and ADMIN. If possible give me step by step explanation.

I do not want to use synonyms.

Thanks in advance