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    Question Unanswered: Reporting in Access and CHARACTER SPACING

    Right, here's a question for peeps that create reports in Access. Access 2002 to be precise.

    Could some1 please tell me how i can go about formating the data fields with Character spacing??

    The reason why i need this, is because i need to configure the report to print to a pre-defined sheet, and the text has to fall into squares.
    eg: Name: [][][][][][][][][][] DOB: [][]/[][]/[][][][]
    etc... etc...
    I have tried with set-width fonts, ie: Courier & Courier New but to no effect.

    It’s hard enough to get the text to align, but once you get that far, and the characters then don’t fall into the boxes due to character spacing (user defined white-space between characters, in mm, px, pt, i don't care ), it’s quite frustrating!

    Eagerly awaiting a reply, many thanks.

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    quick-and-dirty idea ...actually, not that quick.

    use individual textalign-centered textboxes over each [ ]
    name them wisely for looping (nom1, nom2, nom3, nom4... dob1, dob2, dob3....)
    use a loop to place individual characters in each box

    private sub detail_format()
    dim i as integer
    for i = 1 to len(someField)
    me.controls("nom" & i) = mid$(someField, i, 1)
    end sub

    hopp Suisse!

    currently using SS 2008R2

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    i need to configure the report to print to a pre-defined sheet
    Do you mean you're trying to mimic a pre-printed report form, or are you actually printing ON a pre-printed paper form? At any rate, the first thing to do, I think, is to select a fixed-width (monospaced) font, such as Courier. As the name implies, all the characters in these fonts have the same width, which makes alignment much easier.
    Hope this helps!

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