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    Unanswered: Error 16916: A cursor with the name "tentative_cursor" does not exist


    I am creating a stored procedure which contains the declaration of a cursor, fetch the cursor, close the cursor, deallocate cursor. I tried executing this code in SQL analyzer and found working. But when I use the same code inside a create stored procedure, it throws the following error message.

    Error 16916: A cursor with the name "tentative_cursor" does not exist

    As a result, I am not able to proceed in creation of stored procedure with the above SQL statements.

    Can any one help me where the problem is..

    My SQL statements..
    DECLARE tentative_cursor CURSOR
    FOR select * from TbTentativeBookingTable where ExpTime < GETDATE()
    OPEN tentative_cursor
    DECLARE @transactionno BIGINT
    FETCH ...
    CLOSE tentative_cursor


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    The GO keyword serves to terminate a SQL batch, so it implicitly ends a stored procedure declaration. There may be other problems too, but at the very least you need to remove the GO keyword(s).


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