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    Unanswered: Trying to run a parameter query from multifield combo box

    I am creating a course evaluation database. I have a table that has the list of sessions and a table that has the evaluation joined on a Session ID field. I want my user to print a report that at the top shows the coursename, date, and trainer name. This info will come from the session list. I have a form with a combo box that opens from my switchboard. When the user clicks the report, the form containing the combo box that shows all of the fields opens up and the user clicks the session they want the report based on.

    Is this possible? Can someone tell me how to do it?

    Thank you.

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    in short yes
    anything that is in a from is available using the syntax

    if you want to retrieve the value of a bound combo / list box that isn't visible you need to use
    forms!<myformname>!<mycontrolname>.column(x) wherre x is the nth column in the row / datasource - 1 (as column is a zero based array)

    hwoever if you want to pull values in selectively then you are going to have to use an intermediate process to wrtie the sql or populate appropriate values in a query.

    if all the values you need are visible on the form then you can use those in your query OR use them as a filter / link criteria on your code that opens the report

    so look at the code you are runnign currently and pay attention to the docmd openreport
    if you need to pull the vlauyes from a form look at the methods for accessing another objects values and settings
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