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    Question Unanswered: auditing on select

    hello ,

    we want to have figuring the select count(*) of the table , between the displayed result of the select * from dba_fga_audit_trail ?

    how to do that ?

    Best Regards

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    Are you looking for something like this:

    SELECT db_user, 
                 SELECT num_rows FROM dba_tables 
                 WHERE owner = object_schema 
                 AND table_name = object_name
    FROM dba_fga_audit_trail;
    I don't implement fine grain auditing, so I get no results when I run it, but I think should work for you... give it a try and let me know. Also, the NUM_ROWS returned from DBA_TABLES is only what is analyzed, not the actual row count... so, if you are needing exact results in the above query, you will need to do an ANALYZE TABLE <table> COMPUTE STATISTICS on each of your target tables before running the above....

    Hope this helps.
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    Question Auditing on select


    in fact , i need to save of the result of the number of returned rows from a select that could spread multiple tables .so later when implementing auditing on select using FGA , i will check to see how many rows was returned by each select for security purpose this feasible ?

    is it possible to save the result of the number of returned rows in a table and later do a join between this table and the dba_fga_audit_trail ?

    Best regards

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