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    Unanswered: Using web page to open access database

    Good morning!

    I am going stright to my problem I have develop an microsoft access database. I am trying to access the database via a web page that I a have created, using a hyperlink.

    When I click on the link a screen comes up. See attached file.

    If I click open the file from current location the access database welcome screen is shown, when I navigate to the next form nothing happens(I dont see the next form).

    If I click save file the file is save to my desk top and every thing works(I know it would) I don't want that!! Because what will happen is that to every time I want to use the access database via the web page I have to "Save the file".

    Is there a way that when I click on the hyperlink on the web page that it opens the access database without giving me the attacthed screen. It take me directly to the access database and allow me to access all forms.

    Thanks for your help.
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