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    Unanswered: Data type problem with Sybase ODBC to MS Access 2003

    I have a linked Sybase table in MS Access 2003 using Datadirect 4.2 Sybase driver. I just cannot get access to recognize the database type. All the text data type in Sybase got converted to memo via Access. Is there a work around for this. Could anyone please give me the procedure on how to resolve this issue? Really appreciated.

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    Providing your "text" fields are never more the 255 characters, you can use an update query in Access to move the memo data to a text field (make sure the text field is setup to the right size).

    If you have chance of value being > 255 characters, your update query should check size and truncate before updating.

    This is a band-aid, however. Ideally, somebody posts with the correct import/link setup.


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