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    Unanswered: insert stmt in BEFORE UPDATE trigger, supported? SQLSTATE: 42987

    I'm trying to trace through a sequence of triggers to see what is happening and thought I would insert into a table when each trigger fired so I could capture the sequence of events. I am getting an error when I try to add an insert stmt to a particular trigger though. It works in an AFTER trigger, but not in a BEFORE trigger. I get a SQLSTATE: 42987 The trigger "<triggername>" is defined with an unsupported triggered SQL statement.

    Can you not perform an insert into an unrelated table in a BEFORE UPDATE trigger, or is there maybe something else going on?

    This is on Windows machine running DB2 PE 8.1 fp 9.


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    you cannot modify data with an BEFORE trigger.
    That means: no INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE-statement, not even a call to a stored procedure that modifies SQL data.

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    Note that the although the insert happens after the triggering action, it is performed in the same unit of work.

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